Us Masters

US Masters Golf Betting 2012

The US Masters is the first Golf Major of each season and generally takes place at the start of April with all the players itching to get their hands on the famous Green Jacket on Sunday evening. The Masters has many many traditions it upholds every year with the previous years winner returning the Green Jacket after a year being one of them, there is a Par 3 tournament every year on Wednesday before the first round, the myth reads that if you win the Par 3 event then you will not win the main tournament.

The US Masters is the only Major that is played on the same course each year and that is the sensational Augusta National in Georgia which has now become one of the most iconic sporting arenas in the world. It is famous for its stunning scenery and colour which never disappoint the fans each year, another tradition of the tournament is the caddies that are always decked out in white jump suits during the event which makes it stand out from the other tournaments.

US Masters Winners are give automatic entry to the tournament for life and they can play up until they decide to stop which always gives for some special moments at Augusta with some of the legends bowing out of the game at Augusta. There have been some legendary winners of the US Masters with Jack Nicklaus heading the list having picked up six Green Jackets during his stunning career.

The 2009 US Masters was a special event with the tournament seeing its first ever Argentine winner in Angel Cabrera after he wona  three way play-off. The tournament right down to the wire and the 2010 Masters will most likely be exactly the same as the first Major of the season is always one of the highlights of the calendar.