Golf Major Legends

There are certain players over the years that have made their name in Golf Majors, record breaking players who transcend the game and become  known as Golf Major Legends. Each of the Majors has a long and illustrious history and there are all sorts of records that are held by some of the games great games and we have been compiling all the facts and figures for you to study.

As it stands it is the great Jack Nicklaus that holds the record for the most Golf Major wins, the Golden Bear won a magnificent 18 Majors including the US Masters at 46 years-old in 1986. In 1997 a 21 year-old man named Tiger Woods became the youngest ever winner of the US Masters and he looks like he can challenge the Golden Bears record in the years to come. Woods has a total of 14 Majors in his cabinet to date at the end of 2009 and he is desperate to get up to that mark of 18 as soon as possible.

We have had a closer look at who are the top players in the history of Golf Majors overall as well as the top Champions in each of the four tournaments.

Top Major Winners

Most US Masters Wins

Most US Open Wins

Most Open Championship Wins

Most USPGA Championship Wins